ARRL 2022 Simulated Emergency Test Guidelines / October 1 – 2, 2022**

** In consideration of local and section wide schedules and relationships with partners, agencies and many others, ARRL Field Organization Leaders have the option of conducting their local or section wide SET at another time besides the focal-point weekend of October 1 and 2, 2022.  SETs should be conducted no later than the end of the fall season or the calendar year. Check with your local ARRL Field Organization leadership for the exact date or dates of the SET in your area. For all the detail on this years ARRL Simulated Emergency Test see this information at this link (more…)

SM025 – Seminole Communications Need

Seminole Communications Need A message from the ARRL Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator, Mark Conklin N7XYO… 2000L 6 MAY 2022    DO NOT SELF DEPLOY ATTENTION ALL ARES-OK members are on Stand-by –   ARES-OK Districts 11, 5 & 6 should prepare to muster teams if requested, a LIMITED deployment is expected. The OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT has requested communications support from the ARRL/Amateur Radio Emergency Services. ARES-OK Leaders (ReginalEC, DistrictEC & CountyEC) are asked to contact their ARES-OK team(s) of volunteers to ensure that they have received this info and are ready to help. SCOPE: Provide voice communications between chainsaw and debris removal teams and their base of operations. Seminole (more…)