ARES Badges

If you are a leader in ARES-Oklahoma and wonder where to order your ARRL name badge and rank tab you can order it at:

In the pulldown menu under APPOINTMENT you need to choose your role.

Regional Emergency Coordinator
In the APPOINTMENT at the bottom of the pull-down menu choose “OKLA ONLY Regional EC – Your Area” In the comments list your job function as  “Regional Emergency Coordinator” your location is your region “North-East, South-East, Tulsa, North-West, South-West or Capital” then – OK for out Section.

Rank Tab

Please don’t forget to order your rank tab (the rank tabs help served agencies understand ARES appointment roles).

To order the new Rank Tab for your ARES badge go to – –

Scroll down to the ORDER DESK link on the lower right-hand side of the page.

Go scroll to CLUB ITEM drop-down menu and choose either:

Oklahoma WG Div ARES Rank Tab (2 holes/rings) – (suggested to order)


Oklahoma WG Div ARES Rank Tab (no holes/rings) –

After the Oklahoma WG Div ARES Rank Tab selection has been made,

Please enter the description for the specific tab in the Enter Details – See descriptions below:

  • 2 Silver Star = SEC
  • 1 Silver Star = A-SEC Chief of Staff
  • Colonel Bird = A-SEC Regional EC
  • Silver Cluster = DEC
  • Bronze Cluster = A-DEC
  • Captain Silver Bars = EC
  • Bronze Single Bar = A-EC

Below the text entry, block then click the ADD TO CART button to complete your order.