Districts By Counties

ARES Oklahoma efforts are arranged by county. For management and oversight efforts, the counties are grouped by districts, and districts are grouped by regions. The color-coded districts shown here are numbered for easy reference.

Oklahoma’s 77 counties are listed below. The Emergency Coordinator (EC) for each county is listed below. Feel free to contact your county EC to get involved. You can join ARES Oklahoma online at this link.

ARES DistrictARES RegionCountyEmergency CoordinatorPhoneemail
1North-WestBeaver -
1North-WestCimarron -
1North-WestCusterKenneth Bragg K5LVC - EC(580) 583-7889[email protected]
1North-WestDewey -
1North-WestEllisRod Ford WB5OVT - EC580-923-7683[email protected]
1North-WestHarper -
1North-WestRoger Mills -
1North-WestTexas -
1North-WestWoodward -
2North-WestAlfalfa -
2North-WestBlaine -
2North-WestGarfieldJess Andrews KA5HYK - AEC(580) 237-3686[email protected]
2North-WestGrant -
2North-WestKingfisher -
2North-WestMajor -
2North-WestWoods -
3South-WestBeckhamGary Woodrow AA5GW - EC(580) 243-9848[email protected]
3South-WestComanche -
3South-WestCottonSteven Lantz KG5DGO - EC5807360788[email protected]
3South-WestGreer -
3South-WestHarmon -
3South-WestJacksonMichael Cheney N5AFR - EC(580) 301-4075[email protected]
3South-WestJeffersonDale Spradlin KE5NPG - EC(580) 313-0574[email protected]
3South-WestKiowa -
3South-WestLoveDavid Bond KF5CMR - EC(817) 368-5548[email protected]
3South-WestTillman -
3South-WestWashita -
4South-WestCaddo -
4South-WestCarterDale Newell W7ACK - EC(206) 498-5332[email protected]
4South-WestGarvin -
4South-WestGrady -
4South-WestMcClainRob LaFollette N5ATG - EC(405) 520-5543[email protected]
4South-WestStephensDale Weakley W0DKW - EC(580) 656-4501[email protected]
5CapitalCanadian -
5CapitalClevelandRandall McGuckin W6KPR - EC(405) 623-6261[email protected]
5CapitalOklahomaElinor McLennon KE5OXG - AEC(405) 990-4833[email protected]
6CapitalLincoln -
6CapitalLogan -
6CapitalPottawatomieGary Way AE5OF - EC(405) 613-4608[email protected]
7TulsaCreekMike Toole ki5egh - EC9185201809[email protected]
7TulsaOkmulgeeJason Dawson KF5KFB - EC(918) 521-1968[email protected]
7TulsaTulsaPaul Teel WB5ANX - EC(918) 998-8032[email protected]
8TulsaMuskogeeConnie Marshall K5CM - EC(918) 687-3358[email protected]
8TulsaRogers -
8TulsaWagonerFred Norton KF5TYG - EC(918) 720-7619[email protected]
9North-EastKay -
9North-EastNoble -
9North-EastNowataCharles Vest W5COV - EC(918) 255-6615[email protected]
9North-EastOsageLarry Holden KC5KLM - EC(918) 401-0132[email protected]
9North-EastPawnee -
9North-EastPayneLes Roberts KD5NJV - EC(918) 375-2773[email protected]
9North-EastWashingtonAnn Tierney WB5SZQ - EC(918) 333-7467[email protected]
10North-EastAdair -
10North-EastCherokeeJim Lawson KE5LCS - EC(479) 305-0375[email protected]
10North-EastCraig -
10North-EastDelawareSteve Pierce W5BIV - EC(405) 919-8455[email protected]
10North-EastMayes -
10North-EastOttawa -
10North-EastSequoyahMike Cole W5TMC - EC9185710851[email protected]
11South-EastAtokaLonnie Farmer KE5ZWT - EC(580) 239-0194[email protected]
11South-EastBryan -
11South-EastCoalAndy Shores N5TWW - EC(580) 927-6100[email protected]
11South-EastHughes -
11South-EastJohnstonBrian Hurst KF5YWN - EC(580) 371-5877[email protected]
11South-EastMarshallAmanda Carroll KC5PMT - AEC(580) 564-7992[email protected]
11South-EastMurrayLes Ensminger AD5SR - EC(918) 906-5149[email protected]
11South-EastOkfuskee -
11South-EastPontotoc -
11South-EastSeminoleErnest (Ernie) Willis WX5SEM - EC(405) 380-6301[email protected]
12South-EastChoctaw -
12South-EastHaskell -
12South-EastLatimer -
12South-EastLe FloreMark Schontz K8FU - EC(918) 635-0550[email protected]
12South-EastMcCurtainRonald Baker KD5AQ - EC(580) 584-2679[email protected]
12South-EastMcIntosh -
12South-EastPittsburgDennis Bolding NV5J - EC(918) 426-5777[email protected]
12South-EastPushmatahaLawrence Smith N9QHP - EC(580) 271-0126[email protected]