2020 Winter Storm Event

0945L  4 FEB 2020                       DO NOT SELF DEPLOY


Communication is not expected to be affected during this Winter Storm Event.  

However, this is a good opportunity to remind all to check your gear and ensure you are winter-ready.

ARES-OK Leaders (ReginalEC, DistrictEC & CountyEC) are asked to contact their ARES-OK team(s) of leaders and volunteers to ensure that they have received this info.

Any ARES-OK groups that are called into action by local served agencies are asked to notify the regional EC for your region and the SEC as soon as you can. 

Note: Notification can be submitted via emailing ARES Form 1: Public Service Activity Report

 (see link below) fill in the blanks and submit the report to  [email protected]  

ARES Form 1 Link: http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Public%20Service/2017%20Forms/Public%20Service%20Activity%20Report_ARES-001.pdf 

For the latest weather information go to:

Tulsa NWS Office       http://www.weather.gov/tulsa

Norman NWS Office   http://www.weather.gov/oun 

73 & Thank you,

Mark Conklin, N7XYO

Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
[email protected]

Follow me on Twitter @N7XYO


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