ARES 75 Meter Nets

Peter Laws N5UWY will be updating these net pages. If you have any adds/changes/deletes, please send them to [email protected].

OK Traffic & Weather NetMon-Sat 2300 UTC3900 KHz LSBKK5GY Aryln
OK Phone Emergency NetSun 8:00 am3903 KHz LSBKE5LTA
Oklahoma Salvation Army Group NetM-F mornings3903 KHz LSBKB5KKT Jack
QCWA Chapter 63Sun 8:00 am3855 KHz LSBW5FLO Norm
ARES HF NetSun 21:30Z7260KHz / 3900KHz alternate (3900 most often with the current propagation conditions)Oscar, WB5GCX
Sooner Traffic NetEvenings 5:30pm3845 KHz LSBWD5HUT Ron
OK/ARK Regional Net8:00am, 2nd Sat3903 KHz LSBNM5W Mark
QCWA Chapter 63Sunday 8:003855 KHz LSBK5DLE; W5HXL
QCWA Chapter 63 Early Bird NetSun 5:00-7:30am3.845 MhzNCS K5MRK-Mark N5KNU-Jerry
W5AS Memorial NetSun 7:30am3.845 MHz LSBNet Manager K5PBJ-Scott QCWA Chapter 63 Sec/Treas Howard Wise WD5IDB