SM025 – Seminole Communications Need

Seminole Communications Need A message from the ARRL Oklahoma Section Emergency Coordinator, Mark Conklin N7XYO… 2000L 6 MAY 2022    DO NOT SELF DEPLOY ATTENTION ALL ARES-OK members are on Stand-by –   ARES-OK Districts 11, 5 & 6 should prepare to muster teams if requested, a LIMITED deployment is expected. The OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT has requested communications support from the ARRL/Amateur Radio Emergency Services. ARES-OK Leaders (ReginalEC, DistrictEC & CountyEC) are asked to contact their ARES-OK team(s) of volunteers to ensure that they have received this info and are ready to help. SCOPE: Provide voice communications between chainsaw and debris removal teams and their base of operations. Seminole (more…)