Mar 1, 2021  
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spacer Welcome to ARES Oklahoma.
Welcome to the ARES Oklahoma website. Here you will find information on all of the emergency management personnel associated with the Oklahoma Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), a branch of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

spacer Mission Statement
The purpose of our Mission is to move forward in providing Aid to folks who need help because of fire, flood, tornado or other disaster. We are volunteers who help to educate others with a heart to give aid to those in need.
-- Bobbi Goodson (KC5YGG/SK)

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spacer Emergency Resources

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spacer Hurricane Response
If you or a loved one are trying to get information into or out of areas that have been ravaged by any of the recent hurricanes, please look into these two services:

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spacer Steps to become an ARES Oklahoma Member
  1. To become a Volunteer with ARES-Oklahoma you simply register at (see #3 below). You do not need to be a member of any group, club or the ARRL.
  2. To be an Leader within the ARES-Oklahoma, you apply at ARRL membership is required for all appointed leaders at the time of appointment to the leadership role.

    Note: you can join the ARRL on-line at and/or you can typically join at many local hamfests.

  3. To register with ARES-Oklahoma:
    • Go to
    • On the left side of the page click "* APPLY *"
    • On the map that is displayed, click on your county.
    • Scroll down under the map and from the pull-down (next to Position Applied For) select VOLUNTEER or leadership role
    • Fill in the blanks, and click "apply."

This adds your name to the ARES-Oklahoma register. For Leaders, once appointed (AEC and above), you will now have access to all the tools on the website that you'll need, such as reports, volunteer data, resource information, and more. Registering on-line associates your name and call sign with ARES-Oklahoma.

Keep in touch with ARES-Oklahoma - go to and click "Join this Group!" on the right hand side of the page and sign up to receive all the latest ARES-Oklahoma news.

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